Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/9: Go Cavs!

All right, I'll admit it [OC, AT - this one's for you]. The Cavs stunk in Game 1, the Pistons rocked. 10/11 on 3-pointers by halftime? That's flat out ridiculous. As my brother noted, if they're a normal 3/11, it's a tie game. But to put it simply, the Cavs gave them open shot after open shot. There was absolutely no defense on the Pistons to speak of, and the final score reflected that. Tired from the trip doesn't cut it as an excuse - welcome to the playoffs.

But there was one aspect of this game that was very positive and very important. The Cavs were able to score. They were penetrating throughout the first half, and despite a few dropped passes that should have been open dunks and lay-ins they still put together 48 first-half points against the best defense in the league. They grabbed offensive rebounds at will, just as they have all year; and Lebron and Hughes had some nice drives to the basket. The switching of Wallace and Prince on Lebron really didn't do all that much, and he had 22 points by halftime, simply pulling up for open jumpers over Wallace and driving past Prince. As good of a rebounder the Wallaces are, the rest of the Pistons really are not: They finished 17th in the league in rebounding percentage, while the Cavs were 2nd. The Cavs had 4 players in the top 35 in the league in rebounding, and that doesn't include Anderson Varajeo. Lebron shot 50% from the field, too.

Now, if only the Cavs could play defense...

And now, on to the roundup!! [click the timestamp]

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