Monday, August 10, 2009


  • My new job is wonderful, but, as you can probably tell, rather time consuming at the moment. One of these weekends I hope to catch up on a few things and start setting out some posts in advance to get back into the groove, since I miss the writing.
  • Elianna is hilarious. On Friday night, we were eating with FrumDoc and FFW at Moshe and Adina's, along with Erachet. Moshe and Adina both tried as the night wore on to get Elianna to go to sleep so we could all shmooze, to no avail. Finally, we decided we'll just take the kids home and put them to bed. Moshe came out of the room to wish us all a good night, and we called Elianna to come out so we could leave. She refused a couple of times, then, as we were all talking, she came out to us all and announced "Byeee! Thanks for coming!! Have a good night!", turned, walked back into Moshe and Adina's room, and closed the door behind her. It was awesome.
  • Kayla is just about walking, finally. She's been cruising for about 6 months, but for some reason refuses to let go and just stand and/or walk - but if you hand her something, she doesn't even realize it and is just fine. She's finally taken a few hesitant steps/lunges without holding anything, so she should be there soon. She also says "Happy!" and claps her hands to If you're happy and you know it..., says a few other words-ish, and is all around cute - and brilliant, if you watch what she comes up with in terms of how to do stuff. She's really clever.
  • Elianna also got earrings, now that she's fully potty-trained (finally!). They're light blue and she loves them, though it took a bit to convince her it was okay to lie on them or take a bath. She's also a comedy star on video - but you'll have to visit to see those. :)


  1. Ezzie, you are so right. The true pleasures in life, lulei demistafina, are our children.

  2. So great. Thanks for sharing that. I see you've taught your daughter wonderful manners :). And have fun with the walking.

  3. Are, like, 90% of your friends bloggers?

    Good to count blessings.