Friday, August 07, 2009

JES Presentation #2 this Shabbos in KGH

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I will be speaking iyH this Shabbos, August 8th at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills at 150-05 70th Road as part of their summer lecture series. The description they are using at the YI of KGH is that I will be discussing "an economic survey of the Jewish community and what it means".

This will be somewhat different from the presentation I gave in Washington Heights a couple of months back, as the focus is a bit different, the crowd a bit different, and the inability to show slides (it is Shabbos, after all) dramatically changes how I will be able to demonstrate findings. It'll be an interesting challenge to talk about statistics with little in the way of visuals to use. I may have to print a few things out.

The speech/presentation is at 5:00pm Shabbos afternoon, and it is one hour for both the presentation and the question and answer session.

I'll try to post some notes and some of the questions and answers Sunday morning as best as I can recall them.

Everyone is of course invited to attend, and if you'd like to read up on some of what has been discussed so far on the blog, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

This should be great - I know I'm excited!


  1. You could potentially make some handouts. In our shul, the Rabbi often prepares handouts for some drashot.


  2. Hi EZ!

    I am sure your lecture is really good and that you have useful information to give over....

    Just wondering why this lecture is to be given Shabbos afternoon and not some time during the week (or is it because I am Charedi and B"H live in Yerushlaim that I find this odd)

    Your cousin,

  3. Mark - I'm considering that.

    SJ - I'll pass, thanks.

    MG - Hi! :D

    I was asked to speak on Shabbos. It'll be different from the normal presentation for that reason as well; more concept-oriented than economic detail-oriented.

  4. ROFL red alert, religious dude talkin about economics on Shabbat. I always thought halacha forbade talking about weekly related stuff and business related stuff on Shabboooooss. XD

  5. I think Israeli Charedim should riot because of Ezzie. XD

  6. I was thinking about the workday thing too, I'm not chareidy though.

    Anyway, I think the handout idea is good. I like when we have that in my shul. - That's very nice that you are helping out in some way. Wish you hatzlacha

  7. SJ!

    Of course I am going to get all the Chareidim in Yerushalaim to start rioting because of EZ!! After all, all the Chareidim do all day is burn garbage, etc. Thank you for giving me this great idea, I was looking for some activity for my kids during the summer vacation!!!


  8. There are ways to talk about Economics and other weekday topics that are still appropriate for Shabbos. It's been done before and I'm sure Ezzie will do a fantastic job.

  9. Anyone who knows Eikev (my bar mitzvah parsha) knows it's a perfect week for this. :)

  10. Then there's the prohobition of making it look like you're breaking a halacha. XD

    How many religious dudes do you see in McDonalds just to go to the bathroom? O.o