Monday, August 03, 2009


Moshe said it best tonight, saying something along the lines of: Some people, you just pull for them to be incredibly successful, because you see how they act when they are and what they do with their success.

He was referring to a person who another friend we were with tonight told a fantastic story about. The friend related how in his first week at his new job, after searching for a couple of months after losing his previous job, he walked in Friday afternoon as he was about to leave to wish the boss a good weekend. The boss - quiet by nature - asked him "did they take care of you here?" He wasn't quite sure what the boss meant, so he said "well, things are going well so far, if that's what you mean." The boss responded, "No - did they make sure you got paid [even though it's only the first week] - do you have what you need for Shabbos?" The friend responded quickly, "Oh oh - yeah, thank you, I got my paycheck already."

When he related the story over, his mother-in-law started crying and said no matter what, he should never leave such a job (especially having been in jobs before where getting paid became a hassle).

For people like this, you pray that they always remain successful.

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