Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best "Shidduch Resume" Ever

A friend just sent this one (for real), and it's great, so I'm putting it up:

Birthdate: ##/##/##

Currently: A (major, year) at the ( ) institute of (university).

Looking to marry someone loyal and caring, a partner and friend for life.
That's it. Solid.


  1. .... but what's her dress size???

  2. awesome! how about getting rid of the whole thing?

  3. Ezzie, did I ever tell you about the resume I got when I was in Lander?

    I said no because of it. I thought she'd be waaaay tooo frum. Turns out I was probably wrong, but it all works out how it's supposed to.

    This one's good stuff. But a little on the lazy side...

  4. Oh, and does her mother wear a tichel or shaitel when she benches licht?

    I'm just wondering... :)

  5. What's really funny about your posting this now is that I offered an even briefer "shidduch resume" on Sunday. When someone asked about a certain single woman, I characterized her as "very nice and very smart." That description was seconded by someone else who knew her. I pointed out that shidduch resumes everyone trying to fit a certain socio-religio standard sound pretty much the same.
    Nevertheless, my brother (father of a nubile young woman) insisted that I should start on the shidduch resume of my daughter -- aged 14 -- now!