Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On Judaism

A few worthwhile or thought-provoking lines from very interesting posts:
  • MOChassid: "All one has to do to create a Kiddush Hashem is be a mentch."
  • Adventures in Chinuch: "It has become a problem in orthodox Jewish society today that too much of people's non-halachik decisions are based on what other people do."
  • WildTumor: "There is a famous saying in the gemara and chazal that Dibrah torah b’lshon bnei adam, that the Torah speaks in the language of people. Most explain this saying to imply that the Torah often needs to speak in colloquial terms so that people of all generations can understand it. If the Torah was only written in an ancient and obscure form, what good would it be to us? I, however, understand this saying a bit differently. I think the “lashon b’nei adam” means that the Torah speaks to each of us differently in that we will each pull out from our Torah learning very different ideas."

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