Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yes, I am just so responsible

Soooooo an entire semester passed by, and a new one started, and all of a sudden people are asking me what my summer plans are. First I was like "Dude! It's February. Summer's a few months off" and now I'm like "DUDE!! IT'S FEBRUARY AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING AND EVERYTHING HAS DEADLINES!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DOOOOOO???"

So I am hereby asking the loyal readers of SerandEz for some summer internship/job ideas in either publishing, journalism, government or law (really, at this point, I'll take anything . . . oh G-d). Bear in mind that I have no idea as of yet what sort of career path I want to take, so I'm really open to any job suggestions that will be located near a Jewish community so I can have a normal living situation - anything along the eastern seaboard is an option. (If I'm allowed to be picky it would be nice if the job exercised my brain and didn't involve just sitting and staring mindlessly at a computer. It would also be nice if the job/internship had some sort of stipend.) My email's on my profile.

Thank you all!