Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well Waddaya Know III

Shragi has decided to name this weekly series "Well Waddaya Know", which is quite apropos.

Last week's question and answer(s):
Which child in the family is most prone to criminal behavior: (60 votes total)
  • Oldest (5 votes)
  • Middle (30 votes)
  • Youngest (19 votes)
  • No difference (6 votes)
The correct answer is... the majority again. The middle child (sorry Vervel) is most prone to criminal behavior. Now, does anyone care to posit why this is the case? For those who thought it was one of the other answers, why did you think so?
Now, for this week, the answer is going to be a "fill in the blank", so put it in the comments. The question is... (without peeking!)
What is the MMPI?