Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Notes to Self... or Whomever

  • I love my friends.
  • Don't leave the blog in the hands of the inmates.
  • When flying to Cleveland, no matter what the weather actually is, remember that you will have your flight canceled due to weather. GRR.
  • And then not get on the next flight because it's overbooked.
  • Airlines are run by complete morons. If you want to make a fortune, run an airline and start off by knowing where all your planes are and where you need them to be. If you can do this, you'll be far far ahead of all your competitors. If you can get them there, too, you'll make a mint. Someone should write a Dayenu - Airline Version. (G?)
  • It always snows in Cleveland, even if it was 57 degrees the day before. Or 80, last time.
  • "Out of town" weddings are nicer, period. Every time I go to a wedding in Cleveland, a friend who is visiting from elsewhere remarks "This wedding is so much nicer than most weddings. It's simpler, it's not gaudy, it's not overdone... it's so nice."
  • Weddings should be smaller and a little further away from where the people who are getting married live. It ensures that the people who come actually want to be there, which makes for an amazing time for all. I've been to three weddings the past two weeks, and all had those aspects to them, and all were fun. And the people were genuinely happy.
  • I love my friends. All the travel hell in the world is sometimes worth it.