Thursday, February 07, 2008


It's been a thankfully busy week here at SerandEz, what with the wedding of Stam & Chico (more on that later!), the engagement of our good friend and commenter Rea, and tonight we're heading to the wedding of another good friend, STF. (No, nobody we know has real names.)

So instead, here are a few [unpaid - strictly favors] public service announcements for worthy causes:
  • The SOY Seforim Sale (aka YU). Say hi to Special Ed & my new friend Danny for me. Really. It'll be funny. :) And if they ask how you know me, just say it's a long, sketchy story.
  • My sister Vervel has a friend who made Aliyah, taking her cake business with her. Vervel says she's amazing, so if you want cakes in Israel, check it out:
  • Finally, an old family friend (and not quite relative) has a really great business in Israel that is great for both Israelis and their American friends and family. Yonina Cantor-Wiseman, who made aliyah about 12 years ago (!), created something called Basically, the idea is that when someone has a baby, they suddenly need a whole bunch of items for both themselves and the new baby... and while they get a lot of nice gifts, a lot of them are not all that geared to that new beginning, which means a lot of running out to get stuff for the new parents. Sooo... Yonina filled a void by creating really cute gift baskets full of necessities for that first week (hence the name), and you can order them whether from the US or from Israel for family and friends. Check it out: Week 1 Gifts, Bringing You the Basics.
Check them out!!