Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sports: Pro/Con... The Rock might have said, "It doesn't matter what your opinion of Sports or con!".
Regardless of which position you are coming need to read this:

"Have you ever noticed how interesting professional sports is? If there's one topic that I enjoy spending hours thinking about and ruminating upon, that is it. Every match or round or game is an endless source of deep and satisfying contemplation. I never tire of watching a player rounding the bases, crossing the threshold into the end zone, or beating another professional athlete into unconsciousness, and then obsessively dissecting and analyzing every detail. A night spent speculating on the outcome of a sporting event—Will the first team win? Or will it be the second?—is the most intellectually stimulating evening I can imagine."
Seriously, set aside a couple of minutes and read the whole me.

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