Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Was Fun...

...over there (Part I, Part II) and so I thought it might play well over here as well.

**UPDATE** It would appear that while I was away from blogging and carousing in the great white north (aka the alrgest suburb in North America...Canada) someone else beat me to this idea. So while you should still feel free to leave your contribution in the comments here, please also take some time to peruse those submissions (you can also vote for your favorites there)

However, we're gonna tweak it a little.

So...Write a six-word motto for Judaism.

This can be for the religion at large or a specific group, wing, movement, faction, camp, party...(I love the thesaurus function, could you tell?) more...cult...okay I'm done.

All players are most welcome. Feel free to include, along with your answer, your age, gender, where you live, and what sect (for lack of a better word) you hail from...or not, if you prefer.

Feel free also to punctuate your motto liberally (or, if you will, conservatively); for instance: “Battered? A bit. Beaten? Puh-leeze. Onward!”
The best entry, as decided by a quorum of to-be-determined persons and a batch of capuchin monkeys we keep at the ready, receives her/his choice of Ser&Ez swag.

Ready...set..."Letter "G" Should Start The Alphabet"...aaaaand...go!