Monday, February 04, 2008

The Super Bowl XLII Commercials

I watched the game with a few friends nearby, and we all thought this was the best of the bunch:

It was perhaps even funnier for us because Xvi, as the guy laid the trap and opened the bag, said that "He's going to run out of Doritos and try to get the one from the mousetrap, blah bl-" and then WHAM!

What did you think of the commercials overall, and which was your favorite? I thought that while most of them weren't hilarious, most of them were at least decent.

I liked the Coke ads (GOP vs. Dem, Stewie vs. WonderDog --> Charlie Brown), Bud Light was solid as always, the E-Trade baby ones were great, Shaq as a jockey was really funny, and Pepsi with Justin Timberlake. And of course, Planters.

Oh, and the game was the best Super Bowl I think I've ever watched. Wow.