Monday, February 04, 2008

The Buckeye State...

...may need to look into creating a new motto.

Jewish Power Mushrooms in Ohio

Ohio - It's enough to make Jews kvell and KKK leaders plotz: Jews are now top leaders in major sectors of state government in Ohio, despite the fact that Jews represent only about 1.5% of Ohio's population.

In past decades, Jews have held an occasional power position in state government n Ohio Supreme Court justice, attorney general, or a relatively minor cabinet post. But this year, several Jews simultaneously find themselves in the top spots of Ohio's executive branch of government:

Elected as lieutenant governor, Lee Fisher is a heartbeat away from the governorship, and he has also been appointed development director by Gov. Ted Strickland.

As a result of another gubernatorial appointment, Richard Levin serves as commissioner of taxation.

Elected by voters, Marc Dann is the attorney general, serving as Ohio's top cop and the top lawyer to state agencies.

I cannot ever remember this many Jews serving at this high a level" in state government, notes Joyce Garver Keller, veteran lobbyist for Ohio Jewish Communities, the coalition of big-city Jewish federations. "It's amazing to me." [clevlandjewishnews]

So much for Jew's time to make way for Oy-hio!!!