Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Know What...

...there is not nearly enough recreational posting around here and on Jewish blogs in general. Now, by recreational I mean random and when I say random I really mean plain old fashioned fun. It so happens that I had a mashgiach who was wont to say that "there is no word in loshon kodesh for fun". That did not bother me much at the time and it probably does about as much now. The point is, at least I think there is a point here somewhere (but don't hold me to it), that most of what I read is real heavy stuff. Everyone is trying to fix this or call out that, complain that something is unfair or that it doesn't work right. What keeps getting missed is that eighty percent of the time, and this might be that point I was talking about (or maybe not, who can tell), NOBODY CARES. It's true, we may think we do and some even go so far as to pretend they do but really...uh uh. All that mostly happens is either like minded individuals confirming each other's ideas and world views or opposing viewpoints getting all riled up while constantly talking past each other. Nothing happens, nothing changes and for sure nothing gets resolved.

Sounds pretty grim huh? That's me, mister positivity! All sweetness and light.

Well, as I typed above this is about eighty percent which leaves...hold on this could take some time...**carry the nine**...hey, what do you want I'm working w/ a Mesivta education here (v'hamevin yavin)...okay, it leaves us with twenty percent. To make things simple we'll just split that evenly btwn blogs made up of heavy/serious/legitimate discussion, academic topics or boring banter (I include news here).

As Stephen A. would note, HOWEVAH! This is not a bad thing, I think it just speaks to the fact that we as Jews tend to lean towards more meaningful topics in general and that we like to argue, no big shock there.

Which leads us back to the top of this post (huh, maybe this is the main point...whatever, too confusing) that there needs to be more...wait for it...wait for it...more letzanus. I can already see the comments asking how it could be possible to lack letzanus online and on blogs in particular. Nevertheless, I stand by this theory (this dovetails nicely w/ another theory of mine: That people need to relax).

So I slouch before you tonight and vow to do my utmost toward the goal of bringing less legitimate posts, fewer serious topics. To lower the bar of blog posting to the best of my abilities, this I take up as my cross to bare, this...this will be my albatross.

In closing (hah! thought I was done), I will leave you some diversionary entertainment from one of the greatest creations of modern cinema to grace the silver screen...Tombstone. Prepare to be enthralled:

One of my new things is to read the screenplay of my favorite movies, you can pick up details that don't always come through on screen. The one for Tombstone actually reads fairly well (obviously better if you've already seen it and can picture the characters):