Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Five מ's...

...this is something that I was reminded about recently, it came up in relation to a post elsewhere. The idea is to get a quick self assessment of the things that one finds most important when thinking about a possible future spouse. It works as follows: you rank five general issues in order of most important to least important. Meaning like this, think of each one as having its own sliding 1-5 with 1=best you can imagine and 5=worst you can imagine. Then rank 'em based on what your "best case scenario" would look like given the knowledge that some things by default will HAVE to be 1, 2 etc.

That's it, real simple right? (what, you were expecting something useful?? Just kidding, you'll be surprised how much this messes w/ your head) The key is to not over think before choosing otherwise you will not get a true "reading". That's right, self honesty is key here. So, while you may want to "lie" in the comments in order to make yourself look good please, I beg of you, don't do so in real life...everybody loses. On a lighter note, just have fun with it and see what falls out.

Without further ado (Y'know, I'm not sure the last time I was involved in an "ado"...and here it is only January), listed in alpha order so don't read into it:

Mamon = Money
Mar'eh = Looks
Middos = Character
Mishpacha = Family
Moach = Brains

So for example the above individual would have more money than God, be of above average looks, have avg. character traits, come from a not so great family (please, don't start about what makes up a "good family" okay, to each their own) and have the IQ of mayonnaise. Got it? OK!! Ready...set...::reader clicks out of post::

--If you're looking for an interpretive opinion based on different've come to the wrong place.