Monday, January 07, 2008

Let's Cheer Up Ezzie

For all your Stoggers and Blalkers and Blurkers and Lurkers and even just regular Bloggers, you might have noticed three things in this post.

1. Ezzie had a bad day
2. Ezzie likes pickles
3. Ezzie had a lapse of sanity and gave me blogging rights.

Well to cheer him up how about we all chip in and get him one of the newest facebook gifts available.


  1. they have one thats only cut in half but i know it's busy season and ur decision making process couldn't be polarized for that long again

  2. FYI ed - I was debating whether ezzie was worth my dollar cuz I thought the same exact thing when I saw that gift on facebook.

  3. Wait - you have to pay REAL MONEY to send a gift on Facebook??

  4. Ipay you're a better person than me. I knew he wasn't worth the dollar

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