Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And More

R' Gil has posted on the wig store controversy in Coney Island by Chaim Berlin, and while it is a solid post, he doesn't address the questions many such as Nephtuli have asked about why R' Schechter wouldn't approach the store owner directly himself. He also feels that the pictures are indeed provocative, about which reasonable people can disagree; I'd question that if this is indeed the case, all the major Jewish publications which carry similar ads should be similarly boycotted by Chaim Berlin's constituents.


  1. Actually G recognized that RAS never spoke to the store owner before I wrote my post.

  2. I actually went and looked at the pictures and their position geographically vis a vis the yeshiva. A whole tempest in a teapot. The pictures are not clearly visible from in front of the yeshiva nor are they clearly visible from across the avenue. The bochrim would have to be going out of their way to stand in front of the store to look at the pictures, pictures that aren't provocative in the least.

    If the yeshiva has a problem with its bochrim then ban the bochrim from going over to the wig shop--they sure aren't paying customers and if they are not buying they have no business there. It would seem that the RY has a far bigger problem with his bochrim then with the sochrim.

  3. Prof K, thanks for doing the actual leg work. It confirmed my intuition that the pictures aren't visible across the street. So I don't understand the difference between that wig store or anything on Ave. M.