Sunday, January 27, 2008

Struggling Minds

A number of interesting posts that are worth reading on a long Sunday (longer if you're going to be at work for most of it... ugh):
  • Jack takes over Haveil Havalim with #151, the post-Soccer Dad edition.
  • Jonathan Rosenblum on stereotyping charedim... even by himself, even of himself.
  • A very interesting letter from a secular father asking his son to marry Jewish - Dear Sean.
  • Bad4Shidduchim turns serious for a couple of days, noting the soft gloom of the end of a 'good dating streak' and the feeling of being left behind by all the friends getting engaged.
  • Rafi G has the Israeli Supreme Court decision on mehadrin bus lines. A reasonable decision from what he translated, essentially mandating clarity on the guidelines and signage for such buses.
  • The Apple lists 10 quick reasons she wishes she were still in Israel... they're good reasons to live there, too.
  • Scraps writes a song about yeshivish dating - very well done. :)
  • Orthonomics notes that it's a problem when people think that money is the solution to all of the Jewish community problems.
  • Imagine hosting your mother-in-law for 3 weeks. And she doesn't speak the same language as you. Or have the same way of doing much anything. Well, welcome to RaggedyMom's life.
  • I meant to post this a while ago - Fudge with a really nice story from a car ride with her grandparents. Guaranteed to make you smile.