Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please Help - Need Copy of The Baltimore Sun

A client of mine (who lives in California) was featured in an article from the "Health Today" section of The Baltimore Sun this past Thursday, 4/17/08. I was supposed to send her a copy of it, but a certain someone in my household didn't realize that I had set the newspaper aside for a specific purpose and, unfortunately, that person threw it out.

Therefore, if anyone still has a copy of this newspaper lying around, I would really appreciate it if you would let me know. Just send me an e-mail (jstein at bookendsconsulting dot com) or call me on my cell, 410.935.5337, and I'll come pick it up from you.

(Yes, I do know that I may order a copy directly from The Baltimore Sun, but that would take a few days and cost $$, so I'd like to see if anyone has a copy for me first before going that route.)

Thanks so much!


  1. Did you try posting on craigslist? (Just a thought)
    Wish I could help, but my Mom threw EVERYTHING out before Yom Tov.

  2. OR

    You could probably find an edition and make a copy for a few cents at that building with the books that nobody seems to care about anymore, what's it called again....oh right, a Library!

    (truth be told, probably not at the one most ppl frequent in your neighborhood [new design or not it is still pretty small time] but at a larger branch for sure)

  3. sarak, thanks anyway. I appreciate the thought.

    g, my client wants a hard copy of the original article--not a photocopy of it or a print-out from the online edition. I actually checked with the library yesterday, but according to the librarian I spoke with, daily newspapers are tossed after a few days.

    However, someone just sent me an e-mail in response to my Facebook status/posting about this same topic, and her paper from that day is still sitting in her recycle bin at home. She'll be back in town on Monday, so I'll pick it up from her then.

    Thanks for your ideas!