Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baruch Dayan HaEmes

UPDATED From R' Hayim Schwartz of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Kew Gardens Hills, via JL:
With a profound sense of loss that can't be quantified, it pains me to inform you of the passing a few minutes ago of our dear, beloved, respected Rebbe, Hagaon Harav Henach Leibowitz a"h.

The levaya for Rebbe zatzal will be tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12 noon 1:30pm, at the Yeshiva, 76-01 147th Street, in Kew Gardens Hills.

Kevura will be at Mount Judah Cemetery on the Jackie Robinson Parkway.
Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

UPDATES [click to expand - lots of important information, including call-in and online viewing information]

via JH:

Audio/Video Hook-Up Information

To access the video feed: go to
If you access it before the Levaya, you should see a sign about the
Levaya being at 1:30 pm.

There will iy"H be two (2) phone hook-ups for the Levaya. The numbers are:
1-218-936-1600; enter code 7601147
(accommodates only 150 callers)


1-712-432-1001; enter code 431238585
(accommodates 1000 callers)

It has been suggested that as these lines can get very busy, it is
advisable to call in early - even up to an hour before (12:30 PM), to
increase your chances of being connected.

via YS:

There will be a phone hookup of the levaya starting at 1:30pm. The number is 218-936-1600. Access number 7601147.

via JL from NS:

1. To accomodate the huge interest in listening to tomorrow's Levaya (our regular service could only accomodate 150 lines), we have arranged a second service with 1000 lines, at a different, second number. Call 712-432-1001, and use access number 431 23 8585#.

2. The Yeshiva has also been able to set up a live video feed of the Levaya which you can access from your personal computer. Connect to There are no limits to the number of people who can access this video feed, and it is accessible from anywhere in the world.*\*

3. To accomodate the fact that all the local yeshivos are already off for Pesach and kids are home, some local girls have volunteered and offered to create a babysitting room during the Levaya, to enable mothers to attend Rebbe's Levaya undisturbed. Mothers should prepare by writing their child's name and their cell phone/emergency number on a small card and pin it to each child or infant they bring. Include any allergy information. Mothers should also be aware that there are no toys or supplies in Yeshiva and should send everything their child may need, labeled with their child's name, including (but not limited to) diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, snacks, drinks, toys, books, anything these girls will need to take care of your young child (please only boys till age 6) during the Levaya. They cannot take responsibility for any lost items. Babysitting will begin a few minutes before the Levaya and will conclude a few minutes after the Levaya. This babysitting room will be in the Blatt Shiur Room on the lower level of the Yeshiva, across the hall from where women will be able to sit during the Levaya.

4. All women who come to the Levaya should please enter through the side entrance to the Yeshiva on 147th Street and proceed downstairs to the Dining Room where chairs and a large video screen have been set up for them. If you are bringing a stroller and/or need to use the elevator, enter the building through the left side of the Campus Plaza, near the office, and proceed to the elevator.

5. Any private busses that may be coming should park on 150th Street. The police have set up that street as a staging area.

6. 147th Street in front of the Yeshiva will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 12:30 pm, from 73rd Avenue through 77th Avenue. Please attempt to car pool as parking near the Yeshiva is very limited.

7. After the Levaya, the aron will be driven up to Union Turnpike and will make a right turn onto Union Turnpike. Any and all cars going to the Bais Hakevaros should line up behind the hearse on Union Turnpike and down 147th Street. The local police department plans to shut down Union Turnpike to other vehicular traffic, to enable the expected, large funeral procession to proceed unencumbered.

7. Rabbi Welcher shlita has paskened that any talmid who went through the Rosh HaYeshiva's Blatt Shiur and/or who feels very saddened by the passing of Rebbe zatzal should tear kriah on their shirt after the Levaya, with shem umalchus, Those not attending the Levaya should do so at 3 pm DST.

8. We hope everyone understands the huge operation that we are attempting to perform and will bear with us if there are any snags. We apologize in advance for any difficulties we may experience. We just want to perform Kavod Acharon for our beloved Rebbe zatzal.


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