Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Knesset Resolution: National Waffle Week!

A Guest Waffle Post, by Jameel the Waffle King.

Knesset Resolution Passed:
Waffle Week Starts Today!

After months of painstaking legislative lobbying, Prof. Ben-Chorin's hard work has finally paid off; in a landmark Knesset vote today, National Waffle Week has been declared in Israel, STARTING TODAY!

Though Shas MKs were against the law (and voted against it because they favored their own bill, "National Pancake Day"), the Knesset came through and voted 72-19 in favor of Waffle Week!

Instead of the silly customs that are associated with Israeli Independence Day, i.e., plastic whistle hammers, spraying white foam over innocent passerbyers, etc., Waffle day involves 100% Waffles!

Send your waffle blog posts, pictures or videos of yourself wearing waffle apparel, eating waffles, or being seen at an official Waffle House, and we'll post it here. Write a creative waffle posting, involving waffles and Israel, and you COULD be a winner!

Winning entires may be eligible for a waffle breakfasts, AT THE MUQATA! (Fine Print: Unless of course, you spell your first name with a "q" in it).

Examples of fine apparel include:

In an attempt to keep this appreciation week entertaining, this celebration is EVEN open to registered members (in good standing) of the National Waffle Association! So go out, write a post about waffles, go find some waffle apparel, eat some nutritious and sumptuous waffles, and let us know! Celebrate Israel @ 60 in style; and shows us your spirit of Eretz Yisrael with or without the syrup.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


  1. That waffle shack is clearly an illegal outpost. How many Arab olive trees did you cut down to build that hideous insult to the peace process.

    By order of the pancake minister it must be removed within 24 hours or we will have no choice but to send in the syrup brigade and evict you!

  2. At least you didn't waffle around but told it just like it is. No syrupy emotional sentimentalism, but just the facts. No buttering up your readers before you read them the riot act. No little crumbs to taunt the appetite, but a full blown posting. We have been battered, Jameel, but rise again to offer a toast to you.

  3. ...yeah, but it does all seem a little sugar coated.

  4. Your April Fools post is making me hungry.

  5. Hello, pancakes are SO much better!

  6. Hello, pancakes are SO much better!