Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Busy season is almost over. Today. Tomorrow. After busy season party on Thursday. And then... let freedom reign!


  1. Ah, you, too, must be doing "quarterlies." The hubster's knocking himself out with those, too. You have my sympathies. Also, Serach has my sympathies. :)

    Tax Widow (wife of CPA)

  2. Ohhh, the pain...the paaaaain.
    ::rubbing temples in slow circles::

    RING!!!...Let freedom ring!

    Drs. Smith and King wished us to let freedom ring.


  3. G - Oooh, look who's talking about mistakes... HA!

    Plus, I like reign. It makes sense. And I want it to reign, not ring. What the heck does ringing do for me?!

    Apple - For YOU maybe! :P

    SaraK - Hundreds of accountants in one place. Sound like fun?!

    Shira - No no, I do hedge funds. Just a different set of deadlines. :)

  4. yay for you!

    does that mean you'll have time for a jblogger get together sometime next week? :)

  5. Nothing like free food! Ok send my invite to...

  6. so is ser gonna get rid of the you-know-what box? and are you going to crack down and finish your you-know-what?

  7. Sounds like great material for a movie..Hundreds of accountants all cooped up (no cublicles), scurrying frantilly over their papers and calculators (I'm sure you still use that stuff, right?), as the clock ticks by, till 12:00 AM midnight and then! You all throw up your papers in a caphony of relief and yell, "LET FREEDOM RING!!" (the reson fortowhich not merely because G said so but because the bell rang- or something. Right? Doesn't it go like that?)

  8. They will never take...our FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOM.


  9. does this mean youll be available for gchatting!?!?!?!

  10. you can get to all the stuff you were avoiding because it was busy season. ;)

  11. the reson fortowhich not merely because G said so

    I don't appreciate the implication that my "say so" is not enough of a reason...when it CLEARLY is!

  12. I am sry, but clearly my knowledge of the accounting-er-auditing system beats you hands down in this case, and thus I have the privledge of contentedly discounting your opinion.

    What fun.