Friday, July 14, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 7/14: The Three Weeks War

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As the war continues... Life-of-Rubin has a list of all the people keeping tally on what's happening. He's also the one I stole the graphic from. LoR has it linking to Aussie Dave, so I'm doing the same.

Treppenwitz thinks it behooves us to remember a little bit of the wisdom of one my favorite generals of all-time, while Irina gives her own wisdom:
But in the situation Israel is facing today, it's about much more than just the numbers. It doesn't matter how many people have been killed, wounded, or abducted. What's much more importnat is that SOMEBODY has been killed, wounded, or abducted. That Israel's sovereignty was compromised, and that Israel's citizens don't feel protected. And if it means putting the entire forces out to find one single person so be it, *especially* considering that the single person is a member of the IDF himself.
Israel at Level Ground has a great Bob Dylan song about a certain neighborhood bully. Amazing how little has changed.

Emanuel Feldman has a truly difficult post about seeing the names of the soldiers who were captured being prayed for... and the name of one, cut out and crossed out:

After Corporal Gilad Shalit was taken captive, a small notice appeared in our Jerusalem synagogue. Above Shalit’s Hebrew name, Gilad ben Aviva, was a hand –lettered request to recite Psalms and to pray for his safe return. When young Eliyahu Asheri was kidnapped a few days later, his name, Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam, was added to the notice.

Then came the tragic news that Asheri had been murdered by his captors. The country was saddened and once again stunned by this latest evidence of the depravity of our enemies. When I walked into Shul the next day, the sign was still there, but the name Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam had been crossed out with two brisk, horizontal pen strokes.

Read the whole thing...

*Post of the Day* DAG on the lack of education among Jewish educators.
I realize that in the yeshiva orthodox community in which I serve , 13 years of college and 13 years of experience work against me, not for me. In their minds 13 years in Kollel would've better prepared me for the professional aspects of my profession than 13 years of actual professional training. I watch as friends who took the yeshiva route, having spent the time I spent studying this craft at the highest levels learning in Kollel, vaulting to the highest levels of Jewish administration while I wallow in professional mediocrity.

I realize my academics expertise is seen as a threat to those who invalidate the concept of any knowledge outside of Torah. If I actually learned something at the University, what is to stop people from believing there is something to actually learn in the outside world? We cannot have that. Everything a Frum administrator needs to know he learned in Kollel. I guess there is a school administration mesechta in the gemorah I didn't know about.
More on Israel:
RafiG notes that Iran has offered to pay for all damages incurred in Lebanon. I agree: Let's make sure that Iran has to pay lots and lots of money. :)

Romach sees a difference in the Times' reporting, depending on who they're talking about.

Israel Matzav, among others, has a letter from many Lebanese asking Olmert to make sure he destroys Hezbollah, which they feel is ruining Lebanon. Wow.

DryBones has a great comic (as always) on today.

Bari V'Shema notes what Israel can do with its captive Hamas members, according to the Ralbag.

Robert has lots of links.

TownCrier links to an article of advice from Zachary Baumel's dad about how to deal with a kidnapped child.

LamedZayin shares his thoughts - clear as always.
Shoshana gives incredible relationship advice.

She also misses the unselfish, caring South.

Kasamba loves her mom. Beautiful post.


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