Thursday, March 19, 2009

PSA: Women/Girls in Queens, Be Careful

The police in Queens are apparently concerned about a series of attacks recently on random girls and women. A little while ago on our block in Kew Gardens Hills, a 13-year old girl was walking down the block when a car stopped, a man got out, and started hitting her over the head with something, trying to grab her and hurting her. The girl did not know the man, who, after she kept screaming very loudly, drove off.

I heard brief screaming from our apartment, and when I glanced outside a few seconds later, couldn't really see anything except what looked to be a young girl at the edge of where I could see, holding her head, kind of walking out of my vision range. A neighbor a few doors down apparently saw the entire thing out her front window, immediately calling the cops and ambulances (I saw the ambulances a little while later when I heard them leaving). She isn't sure what the man was hitting the girl with (possibly a gun, unclear), but the girl was bleeding from her head and was knocked to the ground and hit.

The police told the neighbor that people should stay inside, keep their shades down, etc. They think this incident might be connected to other recent attacks in Queens. Please be careful when going outside and take any necessary precautions.