Monday, March 02, 2009

10 & 19

We have two young ladies from Baltimore staying at our house at the moment. They were here for Shabbos and the engagement party for one of the girls' seminary friends, and were supposed to take a bus back to Baltimore yesterday evening. Due to the "winter storm" we were predicted to get, their bus got canceled - meaning they'd have to stay here at least through today.

But it was their reactions to the news that was so good. The two girls are sisters, one 19 years old, one 10 years old. The 19-year old immediately said "Oh no! I'm going to miss school! I have tons of work to do!" The 10-year old, of course, said, "YES! No school!!" Wouldn't it be nice to be 10 again sometimes?

Meanwhile, it looks like Cleveland outside. White, swirling, and cold. For all of those who have off today, enjoy! Go outside, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and when you come back in, drink some good ol' hot cocoa.

Or you can pick a friend, walk to their house, walk in when they answer the door, and pelt them with snowballs. It is Adar, after all.