Sunday, March 08, 2009

Getting Ready

...for this year's fantasy baseball draft. Our draft is next Sunday, and I don't even know what teams people have moved to outside of the Indians, let alone who's closing for more than a few teams. Last year, I followed a pitcher-heavy theory which was moderately successful, coming in second place, but well behind the first-place finisher in a league of 14 teams. This year we're down to 13 teams [unless a 14th person is suddenly interested - anyone?], and I have the #3 pick in a typical 5x5 league. One twist we've added (OBP instead of AVG didn't get enough votes) is to allow people to "draft" unlisted prospects by taking an inactive P or something like it and announcing who it is representing. If/when the rookie makes it, the team can then drop the no-name for the rookie.

So: Who are your top three players that you must take whichever is there at #3: Hanley Ramirez, Chase Utley, and Albert Pujols? (How they stack up against their positional counterparts is important.) And what prospects would you consider, whether in the majors already or not? Who are your "steals"?

It's an 'odd' year, so that means all my Indians are worth picking, right? :)