Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In case people have not noticed, I've been (and will continue to be) on vacation for a little while from blogging, at least anything of substance. Even hobbies can use a vacation sometimes. We're in the process of thinking about, if not doing, a lot of things around here, some more serious, many less serious but equally as time-consuming. The past week consisted of Purim, Marty Madness 2.0, our annual fantasy baseball draft, a quieter but still full Shabbos, and taking a car full of Pesach dishes and a beautiful set of books from my grandparents' apartment, and more; the next week will be helping them move out, another (less serious) draft, March Madness, figuring out where to put things/moving lots of things to storage, helping Serach develop her businesses a bit more, and really starting to plan the future a lot more closely. Oh, and Elianna is turning three (!!) years old in a week, which is slightly insane.

I am feeling very old at the moment... it's easy to forget that we're still just 25 years old.

I also hope to make an announcement later in the week about something we're really excited about.