Friday, March 06, 2009

EZ Reads, 3/6/09: Frumkeit

  • Josh at Parshablog discusses the implications of "miracle stories". Really good analysis.
  • Adventures in Chinuch with another excellent vort, this time discussing from the Parsha how Aharon teaches us a lesson in how we view ourselves and others, and attaches that to Purim and happiness.
    Aharon wasn't jealous of Moshe becasue he truly appreciated the differences between people. He truly understood that makes one person great does not impinge on the uniqueness of someone else. Every person has different talents and different faults. Therefore, everyone is destined for something else. When Aharon found out he wasn't going to be the leader, he wasn't jealous becasue he understood that this wasn't his purpose; this wasn't him. Therefore, he could be completely happy for Moshe. His simcha stemmed from his personal sense of purpose that nobody else could ever touch.
  • The Apple asks why frum people that otherwise know better seem to throw out certain parts of halacha at certain points in their life, particularly when it comes to tznius.
  • Ariella discusses a conversation with a mattress store owner where he relates that some will have covert deliveries of larger mattresses in neighborhoods where the standard is to have smaller ones. In addition, a charedi newspaper wouldn't print an ad that showed two pillows on one bed, citing implied inappropriateness.
  • An interesting essay on Orthoprax Jews by Yossi Ginzberg at HaEmtza.