Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BuyBuyBaby Success!

In contrast to Babies 'R Us, as mentioned earlier, BuyBuyBaby was almost exactly the opposite. Serach called them up, since they're about a half hour away from us, and asked what they have in stock. They said we should let them check, and they'll call back in a few minutes. As they close at 9:30 and it was already 7:45, Serach called back again, and a manager answered and promised to call back within a few minutes with the answer. Five minutes later, he did, telling us that of the kind we wanted, they had three in stock, one of each color (blue, normal/oak, cherry wood). Two minutes after that, the original saleslady called back with the same information.

I drove out to the store, walked in, and as soon as I walked in there was a man standing there who seemed to be a manager. He quickly pointed me to the back, where the furniture was. I noted that there were as many employees in each quarter of the store than in the entire Babies 'R Us, which is about the same size. When I got to the back, there were two employees at the (smaller) furniture desk, one of whom immediately asked how she could help; the other was helping someone else. I started to tell her that I'd called about a bed, and she pointed me straight away to the beds I was interested in, coming over a couple of minutes later to help out. When I called Serach to double-check which color we wanted, she said to just come over when I was ready and tell her. About five minutes later, I walked over, and she asked my last name; when I told her, she wrote it on a piece of paper that I noticed was already filled out, including my first name, which Serach had given an hour earlier when she called.

I asked if she had filled it out ahead of time, and she said she had, except the color and last name, which she hadn't known. She then gave me the paper, said I should just hand it in at checkout, and the item would be waiting by the door. It was. Had I not also spent a few minutes buying a gate and nightlight, I could have been in and out in less than ten minutes - shorter than the time spent waiting to get a sales representative in Babies 'R Us.

Oh - and Elianna now has a bed to sleep in, too. :)