Wednesday, March 25, 2009

May You Live Until...?

It always bothered me when people said "May you live until 120" - why limit a person like that? Some people used to say "Oh, you can't live past 120, since that's what Moshe lived" - silliness, since plenty of people before and during (if not after?) his time did so according to Tanach.

In recent years, more and more people have approached that mark, with at least one surpassing it from what I can recall. Now, there's a lady this week who they recently realized is turning 130 years old in Kazakhstan: (emphasis added)
Kazakhstan - A Kazakhstan lady, who mothered ten children, will be celebrating her 130th birthday this week, making her the world’s oldest person by 16 years.

Sakhan Dosova’s age was discovered during a census in Karaganda in northern Kazakhstan, when the date of birth on her passport showed as 1879, which was the same year Edison invented the light bulb and Stalin and Einstein were born.

Dosova’s age surprised demographers when they found that she had been on Stalin’s first census of the former Soviet region in 1926, when her age was given as 47, and they are now trying to confirm the record.

For the 129-year-old lady, she puts her longevity down to her love for cottage cheese and her sense of humour, and never visiting a doctor or eating sweets.

Happy birthday to her, and remember: Don't go to doctors.