Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Promise Fulfilled

About one year ago, I promised to write about an event I attended. It was a beautiful affair, located in (of all places) Lakewood, New Jersey, and I had a blast.

I never wrote about it. In fairness to me, I was quite busy at the time... but then it slipped my mind, and I kept looking for a good opportunity to write it, and it just didn't happen. It is now one year later, and I'm not one for breaking promises, so here we go - a promise (belatedly) fulfilled:

What was so fascinating about the event I was invited to was that it was a wedding, and I'd received a formal invitation, and yet... I'd never met either the bride or the groom before. As far as I knew, I'd know only two other attendees: Moshe, and Mir. I drove straight from work with Mir and three others whom I didn't know in the back, and after a nice wait to get through the Lincoln Tunnel, we were on our way. We had a nice time shmoozing during the hour and a half drive,

Once Moshe arrived, we did something that I've never done before and there is a strong likelihood I'll never do it again: We made signs. They were pretty funny, and we knew they'd be appreciated by the kallah and perhaps even the chosson. And yet, I'd still never met either.

Part of what made the wedding so fascinating was that while I didn't know either side, I ran into a few people who I knew at the wedding in addition to Moshe and Mir, and nobody thought it strange to run into anyone who was there. Both families are from "out of town", one family has moved once or twice, and in both cases, everyone knows them - and loves them. One friend noted how he'd quickly become a ben bayis at the home of the groom's family - and this is not a friend who doesn't have plenty of family of his own. Yet there was something that drew him there and made him feel at home constantly. The bride's family is well known for their work, and one of Serach's best friends is obsessed with the whole family from her time working with them and her experiences with them when it comes to opening up their home and themselves. The positive impact each family had on any person they met was truly heart-warming and inspiring - and we haven't even gotten to the young couple.

The young couple who so graciously asked for our attendance fit right in with their families. One need only see their daily Facebook conversations or talk to any of their friends to understand what they're like and just how well liked they are, and how genuine those friendships are. They've spent their first year of marriage opening up their home to all those who need and all those who wish to join them, despite living out in small town, USA. They're just a beautiful couple, inside and out, and one can see that now just as one could see it one year ago, at their beautiful wedding.

So, to our very own Stam and M^2 - I really can't believe it's been a year already. May you continue to be blessed with happiness and health, and may your marriage continue to grow beautifully. Happy Anniversary!!


  1. mazal tov1 ez, you did not know anyone there? Did you forget that you know me and that I too took the hour and half commute and met you there? love you too!

  2. yayyy mazel tov!!!! i was there too! (but u didnt know me either)
    i didnt realize that u hadnt met the bride yet! i thought u guys met like once before or something...
    anywaysss this was a really nice post abt them! :-)
    cant wait till u come to my wedding and write nice things about me lol

  3. Ser - :) What's funny is I always picture you there, but I forgot how you got there. (EBB!)

    EsPes - Hehe - I was going to give you a shoutout in the post, but in the end, I met a couple people there and also knew a whole bunch. But I remember, don't worry... :)

    Nu, just tell me when and where... ;)

  4. I cannot believe its been a year! A former chavrusa of the kallah's brother and knowing the kallah's family from Midwest ncsy, I was invited and also decided to go with a few girls i know from ncsy even though i did not know anyone on the chosson's side.

    The chosson's mishpa was very warm and friendly and there are not enough praises for the kallahs family!

    MAZAL TOV on one year and may you contine to rock out and serve klal yisroel b'simcha!

    p.s. Ez thanks for the ride!

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwww, what a nice post. thanks, ezzie (its about time) ;)

    i loved the signs- now, were they made with the scotch tape i left for Gus??

    i'm so happy everyone was able to make it in, so thanks for coming ezzie and serach, and thanks for giving rides to our other friends! (also to anyone else who transported people!) :)

    ezzie - our families combined have lived in 7 cities, plus another 4 between the two of us for yeshiva/college ;)

    and one of Serach's best friends is obsessed.. LOL!!!

    DB- it was so nice to have you at the wedding, even if we got the badchan upset when taking a picture ;) "say cheese!"

  6. basically, you and M^2 could have filled out the whole economic survey just with your family for every community. :P

  7. oh i forgot, i think i told u this, but while typing up place cards a friend of the family said "Ezzie Goldish? Is that Serandez?"

  8. Hehe. Yeah, I think you told me. Has happened a couple times. :)