Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Adventures in Chinuch

An old associate opened up a blog recently which is quite intriguing, entitled Adventures in Chinuch. As his profile states:
I teach limmudei kodesh in the MO school system. I'm one of those "cool young Rabbis" who isn't really cool and isn't really a Rabbi. However, I have the secret power to trick teenagers into thinking I'm cool by using my taste in music and juvenile [sic] sense of humor. I can also trick them into thinking I'm a Rabbi, but that's easier.
His latest post touches on a common difficulty teachers face, which is what to say when you know the wrong lesson is likely to be taken from a situation.
I was actually asked by a student if I saw the Doritos commercial which shows the effect of eating Doritos on a person's ability to keep their clothing on (the student made a point to reference that part of the commercial). It was inappropriate viewing, but unavoidable to those watching. I could have said yes [...] However, the problem is that once a student hears me say that I saw it, in his head it becomes "Rabbi said I can watch inappropriate things on T.V." without really internalizing or even comprehending my explanation.

So...I implied that I did not see the commercial.
'Tis an interesting dilemma, and he's touched on a couple of others in his first few posts. Check him out.