Friday, February 13, 2009

Charedim Sue Israir Over Glatt

Via Rafi, this is interesting:
An interesting lawsuit - a rav and his wife flew from Israel to the US and back on Israir Airlines. They ordered the "special kosher" glatt meal for their trip On the return trip, they were told that their names were not on the glatt meal list and therefore there were no meals for them.

When they got off the plane, the rebbetzin fainted, fell backwards hurting herself in the process, her sheitel fell off, and her dress became disheveled in a way that revealed her immodestly.

For their pain, embarrassment and discomfort, they sued the airline for 17,800 NIS.
I'm actually surprised they sued for only that amount; but, happily and rightfully, they won (though only 3,000 NIS). Whether someone thinks people "need" Glatt or not, and whether they could have "made do" with food that wasn't, the point was clearly that they felt otherwise and had been promised Glatt meals which were not served to them. As Rafi sums it up:
It is a ridiculous claim that they were not obligated to provide the requested meal - if they agreed to it as part of the flight, they have to provide it, and that they should have eaten the other food. If they do not eat it for religious reasons, that is their right to choose, and Israir has no right to say otherwise.