Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/18

Some pieces to make you feel on this fine Wednesday morning...
  • Pearl talks about her recent vacation to Buffalo... and just how different a tragic news story is up close.
  • Parshablog on what happens when you make up a quote for fun.
  • A great story on a shidduch made by a deceased soldier from Treppenwitz and Chabad.
  • My mom sent over this great piece on what is viewed in Cleveland as a specialty - chocolate coconut bars. You won't find them in any other kosher bakeries, typically, and people will often buy them when they're in Cleveland. Except the specialty is Australian, apparently, and is called Speckled Lamington.
  • A few other posts that I meant to put up recently... Ariella has something you can do this week for free in New York. (What, it's only Wednesday!)
  • An amazing piece on a new way of approaching NBA players and their impact on the court, starting with Shane Battier. Think Moneyball hits PER that you can't see.
  • JoeSettler links to a piece about a new discovery (in Israel, of course) that can find cancer at extremely early stages, and figure out what kind - just by sniffing people. Obviously, the more this is developed the more amazing the impact will be.
  • I enjoyed this piece by NMF#7 on chesed and neighbors.
  • Finally, an interesting short piece on just how Godly people are in the US, even if they aren't religious. (Thanks Mom)