Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Adventures of Elianna

Erachet joined us for Shabbos, and hung out for a while today. Over the course of the weekend, Elianna (almost 3) has continually wowed her with her charm, wit, and most of all, memory. Here are a few stories for your enjoyment:
Erachet: I have to do homework because I'm in college. When you're in college, you'll also have homework.
Elianna: Okay. I don't have a computer so I have to buy me.

Elianna: I want more wine!
Daddy: You want more wine? Are you an alcoholic?
Elianna: I'm NOT an alcholic! I'm Elianna Rachel Goldish!!
Elianna: [...] Avi is an alcoholic.

Elianna: Can I have a cookie? (Actually a tea biscuit, but she thinks it's a cookie)
Daddy: Can you put this book on Daddy's bed and then I'll give you one?
Elianna: (takes book, starts walking toward room) [to Serach, Pobody's Nerfect] I'm behaving, right?

Elianna (standing behind Erachet, taking apart her hair): I need to give you a pony in your hair. Do you like it?
Erachet: Er...
(hours later) Erachet: Do I even want to know what my hair looks like?
These are just cool, not funny (from least impressive to most):
Elianna: Remember when I came to your house?
Elianna has been to Erachet's house twice, both times for just a few minutes.

Elianna to my brother OD: Remember when we went bowling? Yeah?
Elianna has been bowling once, in Cleveland with my parents and brother's family over Sukkos.

Elianna: I have a sticker! *Malka gave it to me!
Erachet: [skeptically, knowing a Malka that Elianna knows and that they could not have given the sticker]
Malka gave it to you?
Elianna: No [not your Malka], a different
Malka! *name has been changed

Elianna: [looking at Erachet's phone] Where's the elephant?
Erachet has a string of charms hanging off her phone; one of the charms used to be an elephant. It has been missing for almost a YEAR.