Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fairness Doctrine

I originally emailed this to Ezzie and he thought it was good enough to post. The link here is about the fairness doctrine.

The irony in all of this is this: Conservatives, believe that mainstream media such as the major networks, are all liberal...yet they have never called for the fairness doctrine to put conservative voices on TV. Liberals, have basically lost on the radio platform with Air America and yet want to artifically level the playing field. Don't liberals, rightfully, push the notion of having ideas out in the market place and letting people decide on them. (i.e., universities). The free market has allowed for that, and on radio, they lose. Not because anyone stops them, but because, well, the lose. Except for the fact that on the business side, they lost, nothing is stopping them, but because they lose, they now want gov't to step in. There is a reason people on the right fear a socialist trend. Clearly, nothing happens over night, but you start seeing things, drop by drop. Having government involved in ANY news media is a basically a couple of steps behind places like Venezuela that have government controlled press.

IIRC, this all started I believe a year or two ago when congress approval ratings were slipping badly. Instead of looking at themselves, they started blaming talk radio. Well........duh. If they screw up, shouldn't someone bring it up to the publics attention???? So instead of fixing  their own problems, they decide to regulate radio.