Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Israel Votes

Today is Election Day in Israel, and as is easy to imagine, it is as always a crucial election for the future of the State. It will determine what approaches the country will take in the battle against terror, the quest for a lasting peace, and to a lesser level, how the country approaches its economic future. I obviously do not have a vote in Israel; if I had one, it would be for the Likud as things stand now, and likely for Yisrael Beiteinu [scratch that, I wouldn't after reading more on Lieberman] {perhaps Ichud Leumi, though doubtful...} if I were sure that the Likud would have the most seats by a comfortable margin. Then again, I don't know nearly as much about Israeli politics as others, and am relying a little bit on the results I got from the Israeli Electoral Compass.

The best roundup of posts on the election is at Baila's; she links to many of the J-bloggers' posts on the subject. I found Jameel's and WestBankMama's to be the best of them so far, but then again, they said what I think makes the most sense, so it could just be because I agree with their approaches.

As for today, Jameel and Dave will of course be live-blogging all day; Dave will even utilize a very cool live streaming pane for lack of a better description after 4pm or so Israel time all day, he decided in the end, to keep it going even smoother. They are your best sources for information.

May things go safely, smoothly, honestly, and turn out well.