Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Help Friendship Circle Win $25,000 - or $50,000

Jews around the world helped Leah Larson of Yaldah Magazine win $100,000 - now we have a chance to help another organization, Friendship Circle of Sharon, MA.
Friendship Circle of Sharon (

The Friendship Circle's unique approach brings together teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences empower children with special needs, while enriching the lives of everyone involved.

Children with special needs bloom and gain the confidence they need to make the most their abilities and talents.
Teenage volunteers learn the priceless value of giving, the curative power of friendship, and the vital importance of integrating children with special needs into our communities.

Parents and siblings receive much-needed needed respite and support from the Friendship Circle community, and all those who assist it.

The Friendship Circle of Sharon is affiliated with and under the auspices of the Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center Inc.

Follow the steps below to register and vote for the Friendship Circle to get a chance to win $25,000 - plus the top 15 contenders will be entered into a raffle for an additional $25,000

(Note: by clicking the link above, you will skip the first step shown below and will be directed straight to the registration page)