Sunday, February 01, 2009

121 Response

A celebration of ascension. From the desert, our salvation is coming.
The Lord will [iyH!] not allow evil to hold reign in this time.
The men of the trenches will not give an inch; the men behind them will not rest but remain active.
Behold, the protectors of the heroic bagger will neither slumber nor sleep.
The men in the back will be the guardians, shadowing those who try to benefit from the clock's right hand.
The gold shall not smite by the ground, nor the black through the air.
The humble flying man shall keep all from evil; he will invigorate the soul.
The old man's runnings will control the goings and comings - and keep evil out, from this time forth and forever.

Cardinals, 27-20. Wishful thinking, maybe... but I can't pick the Steelers, right? With all the focus on Fitzgerald, I think Boldin will actually be the one to have a big game and score a touchdown or two, and the Arizona defense will have a couple of big plays. I think Edgerrin James/Tim Hightower, Santonio Holmes, and Troy Polamalu will also play well. (I love making baseless predictions.)
This post is dedicated to my good friend Coops and the Mrs., with whom I wish I was watching today, and for their attempt to bring hope and change into Cleveland sports culture.