Friday, February 20, 2009

Chew On This

Over Shabbos, have fun considering the following:
  • Baseball has gotten smarter than most other products in this country, at least in Cleveland; via WFNY, the Indians have priced games based on expected temperature, opponent, what souvenirs and promotions are going on, etc. Smart. Maybe they can teach government a few things...
  • ...seeing as how government is blowing hundreds of billions on "loan modifications". (Also known as making responsible people pay for the unaffordable homes of irresponsible people.) This is especially troubling when 70% of foreclosures seem to be non-primary residences, and over 50% of modified loans fall back into default within 6 months. Brilliant.
  • and finally, the Obama administration has decided that the US will take part in Durban II. Sound noble? It's not. It's a UN discussion on racism which pretty much focuses on Israel (and Israel alone) and its "apartheid" while debating whether to include a line about the Holocaust. Gross.
Have a wonderful Shabbos!


  1. Also known as making responsible people pay for the unaffordable homes of irresponsible people

    That is not always the case. Some people purchased homes that they were able to afford and then fall into hard time that impacted their ability to pay. They weren't all irresponsible, some just suffered from bad luck or unfortunate circumstances.

    Don't the banks bear some responsibility for this issue as well.

  2. Jack - And if someone falls into hard times, then others should pay to make sure they keep their homes? It's sad, but should not therefore drain everyone else to keep that person afloat.

    And what responsibility should the banks bear? They've already lost their billions and now control.