Tuesday, February 24, 2009

E-Z Reads, 2/24/09

As is often the case, there are a number of interesting reads out there on this fine sunny February morning; in general, if you see something interesting, please don't hesitate to send it to me at Thanks!
  • Bad4 says an advantage of dating is the opportunity to broaden your mind.
  • Jameel has copied a beautiful piece on the parents of one of the students who were slaughtered in last year's Mercaz Harav massacre. Tonight is the yahrtzeit.
  • Treppenwitz is troubled by the sticker he accepted that allows him to pass easily from his home to the rest of the country - why does he need it?
  • Northern Light gives a little education on the definition of marriage.
  • William Isaac - someone who has actually nationalized banks - explains why it's just such a horrible idea.
  • A day after the NY Times asks a question [thanks SpEd] that has troubled many people for a while - is Google too big - Gmail crashed all across the world. (Personally, I've found it to have turned more and more glitchy lately.)
  • Seforim blog has a very interesting piece by Daniel Lasker on a piece of Judaism that has yet to occur in my lifetime, but will be happening next month: Birchas HaChama.
  • Daled Amos has fun news from the world of medicine - blogging is good for your brain.


  1. Bad4 says an advantage of dating is the opportunity to broaden your mind.

    I know, and just imagine how broad your mind could be if you actually talked to the opposite sex outside of dating? And to non-Jews! And non-Orthodox Jews. Wow.

    Seriously, of course dating broadens one's mind. So do relationships. That's why I think it's so crazy that people don't have relationships until they're looking for marriage, and often even then don't really have one until AFTER they're married.

  2. Er, not quite what she means. And that's also a little ridiculous, not to mention that it assumes that "broadening one's mind" is the ultimate goal in life.

  3. JA - Also, relationships are not the only way to broaden one's mind. There are many, many ways to do so and many experiences which give one the opportunity to think and learn and grow and evaluate themselves and the world.

  4. Ezzie:

    Broadening one's mind isn't the only goal, but it's an important part of growing... that shouldn't stop when you reach adulthood.


    Agreed 100%.