Friday, April 08, 2011

EZ Reads & Commentary 4/8/11

There's something in here for everyone - enjoy! (HT: Diana for a few of these)

On the more serious side:
  • Mother in Israel, who sadly lost her father, writes about what was helpful (and what was not) during her shiva. A good series of advice for people on how to help... and how not to. (MiI)
  • Russian billionaire to fund Jewish "Al-Jazeera", except with less propaganda. (JPost)
  • A CNN sports legend is leaving birthday messages for his little daughter as he fights a losing battle with cancer. (CNN)
  • Eli Clark on "Who is Modern Orthodox?" (Hirhurim)
  • Josh Waxman asks if believing a pomegranate has 613 seeds is a fundamental belief (no) and explains why some truly think so.(Parshablog)
  • On a What Would You Do show (Israeli version, not ABC's), it's impressive that just about every Israeli not just didn't support an (acting) anti-Arab store owner, but criticized, offered to pay for the (acting) Arab lady trying to buy coffee, and many got extremely emotional (angry or sad) about it. (Cross Currents)
Elsewhere, some fun/cool stuff:
  • New sport that looks cool/fun, if a bit confusing (Why do they have 4 goals if it's two teams? Do they have to defend two each?) - Kronum.
  • Unorthodox Orthodox guitarist. I just like that he was playing at an IFL game. (RafiG)
  • Israel winery wins international award - I always liked Golan. (EoZ)
  • Israeli tots win international ice hockey tournament... despite never having played on ice before. (EoZ)
  • Fun video from the Governor press conference when the famous YouTube kid who cried he couldn't be Governor is made Governor for a day in New Jersey. If Christie does run for President, this video will do him well; also, he comes off well on TV.
  • Cool time lapse video of a flight from San Francisco to Paris. Best part: Aurora Borealis in middle.
  • Via A Soldier's Mother, Dov Hoschander (a genuinely nice guy who I've met a few times through a friend) has made a really nice music video of a song dedicated to the IDF, based on the Mi Shebeirach for soldiers in the army.

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  1. I once decided to sit down and actually count the seeds in a pomegranite. I sorted them out nicely and got to 597