Tuesday, April 05, 2011

EZ Reads 4/5/11

Clearing out all the posts I've been meaning to put up in the last week...
  • How Israel could become an energy giant (WSJ)
  • R' Herschel Schachter on What Is Orthodox? (Matzav - HT: YS)
  • Nice piece on Mimulo flower shop in Brooklyn by The New York Times, which also has some interesting insights into the Chabad/Orthodox world surrounding it. (HT: Hirhurim)
  • Great news piece by WBAL about a teacher in Ner Israel - Baltimore who has been teaching for 75 years, including 51 at NIRC. (Aish)
  • Full transcript of Netanyahu's YouTube interview (DaledAmos). Really interesting.
  • An interesting collection of thoughts on James Kugel's recent book (Fink or Swim)
  • What adopting a white girl taught one black family (Newsweek). I don't know that the biases are so much more true for black parents of a white child than the reverse - I think it's natural to suspect an adult tending to a child that looks nothing like them, and distinctly recall having similar concerns on a whitewater rafting trip where my friend and I were on a raft with a black child with white adoptive parents. (Their continuous negativity didn't help much.) That said, I think there's a reasonable case to be made for taking race into some kind of consideration in adoption - if in a specific case the race of the child or parents could become a troubling factor for the child as they try to grow up it may not be a good situation. Similarly, I think there's a preference (or should be) to keep children with people of the same general religion and the like - I know OHEL tries to move Jewish children into Jewish foster homes, for example.


  1. RE: The Mimulo Flowershop piece: is there seriously a look that's referred to as "tznius sexy"?

  2. Yes, or often referred to as "Hot Chani(e)s".

  3. Thanks for the link Ezzie.

    Also, it's funny to see Aish finally catch on to the Mr. Miller story. It's a 7 month old story. I was quoted in a few papers talking about Mr. Miller in the summer of 2010:

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