Sunday, October 05, 2008

We're Not Biased - We're Dumb

This CNN clip is hilarious and says it all:

Now, pause it and count the hands - she calls it "overwhelming" when about 10-13 hands of 30 are raised for Biden, and "a handful" when the same number of hands are raised for Palin. Now, either, she's just dumb, or she's already decided what the answer should be. Either way, good job, CNN. Ugh.


  1. I couldn't see everyone but I counted 7 for Biden and 8 for Palin!

  2. Just watched again on full screen adn counted 10 for each. Some significant margin!

  3. help, help, police, help, we're being robbed ..... of an election.

  4. Weak. This has nothing to do with CNN's "bias." Conservatives always focus on stupid little things like this or whether a line is in the first paragraph of an article or deeper inside. That's because if they focused on the larger picture, it becomes clear that the media have two biases: a center-right bias, and a sensationalist bias.

    The idea that enormous, near-monopolistic corporations have a liberal bias is so absurd that it shouldn't even need to be disputed, but the right has been so successful at this smear that it's become accepted truth.

    Read this. And don't ignore it just because it's by Glenn Greenwald. He offers quotes, sources, and even videos. The rub is, the message comes down from the top to bend over backwards to represent the conservative views -- because of this stupid right-wing smear -- and as a consequence, the right-wing becomes overrepresented.

    Reporters on every major cable news station as well as every major paper were cowed by the corporate executives in the leadup to the Iraq war, for example.

    But yeah, Soledad O'Brien miscounted some people. That's equivalent. *eyeroll*

  5. Ha ha. That was funny. I just loved watching their hands go up.

  6. Significant margin. Hehe.
    Were there, like, another 50 or so out of camera range?

  7. JA- I read the Greenwald article. If in fact it is true and it is not twisted to again represent the left wing view than it is because of people like this moderator at CNN. Everything is warped to the left wing view (she was coached to say, that no matter the number of hands raided, Biden won), everything in the media is turned to represent the left that the right need to put themselves in the limelight too. Of-course its all fine and dandy when the left and CNN do it, yet the right "supposedly" does the same thing and by jolly its all over the news.

  8. she was coached to say, that no matter the number of hands raided, Biden won

    There is NO WAY that happened. I bet even Ezzie would agree with me there.

  9. She screwed up. Maybe there was some sort of bias on her part there, although it would most likely be an expectation bias rather than a Democratic bias (not that she doesn't have one necessarily, but that it wouldn't cause her to blatantly miscount like that) but no way was she instructed to do that.

  10. Expectation bias = Democratic or left-wing bias under different words.

    That you can seriously claim the media has a center-right bias is mind-boggling. And yes, Glenn Greenwald is a left-wing nut, and therefore it becomes extremely hard to take him seriously.

    UCLA did a serious analysis a few years back and found media to be inherently left-wing. When I heard ABC's political director speak in 2006 before the elections he noted that too many of his people were liberal rather than nothing, as their job indicates they should be; and the NYT editor decried his own paper's substandard editorializing in newspaper articles to the left. You've gotta be kidding me.


    Nobody except Hamercaz News seems to have details on this story:

    Vos iz Neies has some of it as well. Of course, Yeshivah World has nothing – he only writes Lashon Hara about the Modern Orthodox.

  12. Ezzie:

    I'm sure most reporters are liberal. However, most executives are conservative. And executives call the shots. The "liberal media" hypothesis does not explain things as well as the "center-right media" hypothesis does.


    1) The run-up to the Iraq war.
    2) The proliferation of right-wing nut pundits in prime time compared to, what, two real liberals now in Rachel Maddow and Olbermann?
    3) FOX has a whole station on the right... what on the left?
    4) Talk radio.
    5) Drudge's ridiculously huge influence on what stories play.
    6) In general, every liberal reporter attempts to be as impartial as possible. Every conservative parrots talking points. Compare Brokaw to Hume.

  13. Most executives are conservative?! Where/why do you assume such a thing?

    As for your examples:

    1) An immensely popular war in the face of 9/11 against an easy to identify despot whom we'd already gone to war with once (in an also popular war). That's not center-right, that's common sense in business.

    2) Ever heard of talk-radio? There are tons of them - almost all RW. Why? Because it's what you don't get on the news. That's always been the case, and gotten stronger the past decade and a half or so.

    3) MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC...

    4) See (2).

    5) Again, good business. No major media is going to NOT air what could be a large story when the other outlets will.

    6) LOL. And btw, I LOVE Brokaw. He's a good reporter whom you can rarely if ever tell what his own personal leanings are. I watched a few minutes of Meet the Press (I think?) this Sunday, and you'd have no idea what leanings anyone there had except for one of the people around the table. Meanwhile, Stephanopolous on ABC (?) was a decent host, but you could see clearly what each person's pre-set opinions were, even George Will ("McCain is angry!"). Brokaw is really great, and should be a great moderator on Tuesday.

  14. Teshuva season advice for the media folks and other politicians:

    How about---present demonstrable facts as if to adults, not fairy tales as if to children. Show some level of respect for those viewers and voters who somehow haven't been dumbed down yet.