Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My New ?

Who had the weirdest new fruit this year?

I decided that instead of eating fruits that looked dangerous to eat and had the consistency of baby food I'd wear a new suit (charcoal gray with a white a blue pinstripe)

But the rest of the family ate a paw-paw and I've never been more disgusted in my life.

According to Wikipedia The fruit is a large edible berry, 5 to 16 cm long and 3 to 7 cm broad, weighing from 20 to 500 g, with numerous seeds; it is green when unripe, maturing to yellow or brown. It has a flavor somewhat similar to both banana and mango, varying significantly by cultivar, and has more protein than most fruits.

What did you eat?

All this food talk is making me hungry. Time to pound leftover before the fast


  1. ive only ever heard of/seen a paw-paw in the Jungle Book disney movie

  2. I had kelp pickles! (Loose interpretation of kelp as a "fruit.") We also had spruce-tip jelly and fireweed jelly with our challah (alongside the honey).

  3. We had a quince. It wasn't bad but I probably should have added sugar when I cooked it. There's another one we've had a few times--I can't remember what it's called but Uncle Moishe mentions it in one of his songs.

  4. We had a Dragonfruit (pictures here.

    Given the cost and description, this flowerly looking thing was surprisingly unpleasant. However, the fresh Israeli rimonim were the best I've every had.

  5. almost there - I believe Uncle Moishy was referring to a Cherimoya.

  6. No fair! I was just about to recommend dragonfruit! :-P

    I wouldn't EAT one, of course, but they look soooo cool!

    We had starfruit. Not as obscure as some of the other selections, but definitely tastier. :-)

    (We might've gotten a durian, but my considerate family members remembered that I wouldn't be able to make a shehechiyanu on it... unfortunately.)

  7. tesyaa--Thanks, that was the one I meant. :-)

  8. I stuck to Starfruit. Passed on whatever else my brother had gotten... I know iPay's brother found one of the other ones really slimy and gross.

  9. I actually think it might have been a kiwano!

  10. Oh. My. G. I didn't have a new fruit this year. Noooooooooooooooooo...

    ~Brightens~ Oh wait! I did. Scratch that. (goes merrily on her way)