Thursday, October 02, 2008

1/4 Of The Way

...okay, actually 4/17ths, but who's counting. [Oh - I only care to see a Rays - Brewers World Series, and I came in second in fantasy baseball.]

NFL: The Browns stink, everyone forgot just how good the Panthers can be, it is the Patriots' lack of defense - not Tom Brady - that will hurt them, the Colts, Chargers, Texans, and Vikings are going to still make runs, and defense still wins ballgames.

Suicide pool: Of 3,296 entries (that's $164,800 if you're counting at home and if my math doesn't stink), two of which were mine and iPay's, there are now just 681 remaining [only one of ours]. We've already picked PIT, ARZ, NYG, and CAR, and this week are required to pick two teams - as of now, we're going with DAL and GB.

Ezzie's pool: I was horrible the first few weeks - including dead last in Week 1 - but this week had a legitimate shot at winning, and ended up in third. I usually start every year slow and then pick it up as the season goes along, so this is actually an early good start for me, though I'm still 60 points behind the overall leader.

Spread pools: One pool I'm in has been simply horrible - I'm somewhere near the bottom overall. The other one is an old office pool, and after a dead last Week 1, I'm moving up slowly, coming in tied for first (losing on a tiebreaker, but still in the money) this past week and moving into the pack overall.

J-Blogger FFL: NoyG, G, and Squooshball are all 4-0 in the other division, but I'm all alone in first place in the division I'm in at 3-1. Eliezer StrongBad is 2-2 along with EDS and Frayda. Imperfect Dynasty, Jacob da Jew, and General R. Blie are 1-3, while two teams are 0-4. SerandEz members are clearly strong at the top, with only NoyG ahead of us in total points at a ridiculous 443; G is next with 402, Squooshball has 359, I have 353, and StrongBad has 345.

I think my team is actually really great now:
QB PManning, O'Sullivan, Anderson
RB Westbrook, Slaton, Lewis, AGreen
WR Holmes, SMoss, Gage, Stallworth, KCurtis
TE Cooley, K Folk, DST Chargers, Seahawks.
We play one QB, two RB, two WR, and a flex RB-WR, so I have options every week.

In the league my BIL and I run, Squooshball is running away at 4-0, pulling out this past week against me on Monday night by a point, leaving me at 1-3. The whole league is topsy-turvy, with an 0-4 team at 6th in the league in points, a 2-2 team that's 3rd, and a 3-1 team that's 11th. Braylon & Ocho Cinco have stunk it up for me.

On the team my BIL and I run in a public league, we've rebounded from two bad losses to pull to 2-2. We have a solid team:
QB Hasselback, O'Sullivan
RB Graham, Slaton, Addai, SYoung
WR Edwards, Harrison, Gage, Holmes
TE Winslow, K Dawson, DST Seahawks, Chargers
We probably have to drop Dawson and Young this week to get a K and TE.

All in all, bad start, seems to be turning around across the board. Now if only the Browns could, too, so our season tickets can go back up...!!