Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Perfect Perfect

These photos were all taken in Cleveland over Sukkos; the first by a friend, the others by me at Starbucks. It's probably worthwhile to note that this was tagged as a picture of me. Sweet. Thanks, SCoops!

And of course, as everyone knows, just after God comes... football:

And on the other end of the spectrum, you have abominations like this:

For what it's worth, she matched her car. Really. Matched perfectly. Dead serious.


  1. Anybody else think the first one is in poor taste and bordering on "wrong"?

  2. In someone making it a license plate in the first place? First reaction - a bit. Second reaction - not so bad, but... okay, a bit.

    In parking lots, really redefines "searching for God".

  3. Why didn't you take a picture of Ms. Pink?

    I once saw a license plate that said "BHYOMYOM". I like that one better than the first one.

  4. Ezzie, I must reiterate and clarify for your readership, that I didn't tag you because I was equating you with G-d, but because it reminded me of your blog.
    that is all.
    glad you enjoyed

  5. oh and the kicker is, i doubt teh car belonged to someone Jewish, let alone religious. i saw that car parked at the Rapid station on Green (only Ezzie knows what I'm talking about and he can vouch for how unlikely it is that there would be a religious person's car parked there.)

  6. Ms. Pink?
    What was Paris Hilton doing in Cleveland?

  7. Mrs Coops - Oh, I know. But it was funny! :)

    Really? Didn't know that part. Even funnier!