Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Wowing Critics

The second debut of Elianna! (The first was here)

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Critics say:

"You can really see the development of her style over time." - The Blogging Times

"I am consistently in awe of her baffling intellect." - The Commenter

"She has created a new standard for the rest of us." - Etch-A-Sketch

Elianna is currently doing a study of penguins and will be writing her dissertation on the personal behaviors of both penguins and pudus. Did they evolve from the same ancestor or do they both just like being personal friends with people (especially hippopotomi)? This and other questions will be answered in Elianna's newest book, "Penguins and Pudus: Personal? Or spies for the mafia?"


  1. One time, Elianna was typing at my computer, and she managed to type an omega sign! No idea how she did it.

  2. Check out all of Elianna's other books, including:

    Awoo, Ort, and Doodoo: Animal Noises, the Bana Way

    A Father Called Garfield

    101 Things To Do With Cottage Cheese Other Than Eating It

    The Art of the Chicken Dance

    See a bookstore near you for more titles!

  3. You forgot:

    How to Maximize the Impact of Yogurt: A Unique Hair Conditioner

  4. And:

    How to Make Friends and Influence People Using Hand Signals

  5. Also:

    Stretching for Dummies

    Jumping: A How-To Book

    Dubi-care 101


  6. How to Make Friends and Influence People Using Hand Signals

    This is the winner. I love it!