Monday, June 16, 2008

FEIBP (otherwise known as "operation reviving the fun")

Hello! And welcome to the First Ever Interactive Blogging Poemathon - otherwise known as the FEIBP (pronounced Phoebe. The P [of FEIBP] is silent). FEIBP is brought to you with much rhyme and rhythm by bloggers-by-day-poets-by-night SJ and Erachet.

What, you may ask, is a poemathon? The way it works is we start you off with six lines of a poem. Then it's your job to continue! You can comment with two more lines, or four if you'd like, provided they comply with the rhyme scheme established by the original four lines. Rhyme scheme is basically the pattern of the rhymes. In this poem, every second and fourth line will rhyme (abcb) so that's the rhyme scheme.

When you comment, you should add on to the poem based on whoever commented above you. We'll start with a simple poem, since this round of FEIBP is the First Ever.



The trees swayed in the morning breeze
The day was bright and warm
But distant clouds told an ominous tale
Foreboding a blusterous storm.

Yet little did anyone think of that
As they went to work that day...

[Okay, someone continue!]


  1. The people in their vehicles galore
    Thought little of what was in store
    For them as they commuted to
    Their jobs and schools and shopping, too.
    But slowly they noticed as the clouds
    Came ever closer their way...

  2. (and now I suppose I've established the rhyming scheme as well)

  3. As people continued as they were
    A Tornado came and everything was
    but a blur
    Running for cover, pelted by rain
    chaos ensued no one was left sane

  4. That pretty much finished off that section of civilization...

    Then down from the cloud there could clearly be seen
    a witch on a broom with a face that was green
    the blackbirds perched on her shoulder were four
    And she said, "Guys I don't think we're in Oz any more."

  5. (I guess since this is a blogocracy our original rhyme scheme was overruled, and we're going with "aabb" now. Ok, I can roll with that.)

    Surveying the panic and madness below
    The witch cackled, "Splendid! All systems are go!
    This climate is perfect, ideal, a dream!
    Things couldn't look brighter for my evil scheme!"

  6. And what scheme was that? the villagers wondered.
    And while lost in wonder the thunder still thundered.
    But they were not held in suspense very long
    A sky-scraping dragon soon entered the throng!

    This dragon was special (well, what did you think?)
    With a wave of its claw they all started to shrink!

  7. (and to finish off the bb from previous...)
    Inch by inch bit by bit
    Till a shoe box they did fit

    Suddenly a voice boomed out
    'STOP RIGHT NOW!' it gave a shout
    'How dare you come into this world of mine
    How dare you interfer with what is divine'

  8. And God Himself, all feiry white
    Cast His light out of the night
    The Dragon quailed, the witch but froze
    As God Himself neared their rows.

  9. And then all was quiet
    Not heard a sound
    Not bristle of leave
    Nor bark of hound

    And as God descended
    All that emitted
    Was none but His will
    Only what He permitted

    All law of nature
    Was completely shattered
    Well plowed fields
    Lay shriveled and tattered

    So that it may be restored
    His order was forgotten
    "The world will be much better
    When rid of this rotten"

    Good bye clouds, good bye rain
    No more thunder, no more pain
    Be gone tornado, be gone chaos
    Take care witch, you will not take us

    Take off dragon
    And rid us of flame
    And do us no harm
    Let us live tame

    Now you will be tame
    For my voice will not boom
    I will return my children
    To that time before doom

    And then all will know
    And all will revere
    In His great name
    Out of love and fear

  10. "Abba, oh Abba, did this really transpire?"
    Young little Chaim persisted to inquire

    His pure innocent soul frightened beyond measure
    By a tale with no moral, no deep buried treasure

    "Abba, oh Abba, I really need to know,
    Is this how things once were many long years ago?"

  11. Abba peered gravely over his specs,
    "Ys, I'm afraid, though in retrospect,
    Things are far better, in our world today
    The sun can shine, and children can play."

    "But why did Hashem, who is Master, we know,
    have to so fiercely His power to show?
    Why did He allow this evil to reign
    Why couldn't he ensure we were spare of this pain?"

  12. Lets Start another rhyme
    this ones getting old.
    Yes, now is the time,
    come all- participate and be bold.

  13. Ser -
    If you want a fresh rhyme, you be the host;
    Pick up the slack, write a new post!

  14. Agreed! Agreed! Post, Serach - with speed! :D

    (Also, hi!!!)

  15. I can not pick up and write a new post-
    sorry SJ and Erachet too,
    but right now my mind is like toast
    and my mood sways back and forth, here and there.
    Therefore don't know what to write about.
    Thanks to the painkillers- my mind is not clear!!!!!!

  16. FOR SERACH - something to read while her mind is like toast, both entertainment and a new poem post:

    One day in the middle of May,
    We all went out to sea.
    And while afloat the Queen rowed by
    And invited us all to tea.

    "Tea with the Queen!" we shouted at once,
    The deckhands all came with a scramble.
    And while Quartermaster put tea on the stove,
    the Queen gave us all this preamble:

  17. "I've been waiting a while"
    She said with a smile
    "To dine with such dignified guests.
    Food may be sweet
    With the social elite,
    But to my taste, bloggers are best!"

  18. And so SJ, and Erachet, Apple, and Fudge,
    Bad4 and Corner Point, too,
    Pobody, Scraps, MordyS, G, and Stam,
    and the rest of the Serandez crew (that means you!),

    Drank tea with the Queen on that fine day in May
    They were all quite such wonderful hosts!
    And the Queen, well she was oh so pleased with the lot
    That she dubbed them all Knights of the Posts!

  19. And one lone commenter who was mad she'd been out
    Kicked at the boat and plopped them all out!
    She sat in the ship of so fine as can be
    and ate all the cookies and drank all the tea.

    "That'll teach them," she mused, as over the boat
    she saw all the bloggers trying desperately to float
    With a move oh so gracious she extended a post (pun intended)
    The Queenie of kindness, of that she could boast.

    LOL- kidding. I would *never* do such a dreadful thing.

  20. (Erachet, I love how you left Ezzie off of the list of the SerandEz crew...I guess because he's the captain?)

  21. (Erachet, I love how you left Ezzie off of the list of the SerandEz crew...I guess because he's the captain?)

    DUH. He's part of SerandEz. Serach and Ezzie are the captains! :D

  22. And included in this were some others as well,
    M, Special Ed, and Jameel gave their share,
    And Sarah with squigglies, Holy Hyrax and Moshe,
    Strongbad and ipaytoomuchformyhair.

    And everyone else who is not in this poem
    Are included as well if they add to the rhyme
    For the SerandEz crew contain so very many
    Much more than one poet can name in short time!

  23. Thank you, thank you.

    You may now proceed. (Disclaimer: I am not this snooty in real life!)